The barangay as basic political unit serves as the primary planning and implementing unit of government policies, plans and programs in the community. To provide barangays ease of doing their mandated tasks, there is a need to adopt and make use of I.T solutions especially in this time of technological revolution. Hence, the MindConcept Solutions offers affordable and user-friendly I.T solutions for barangays. It has developed the Barangay Application Software Suite (BASS) which can be adopted by the entire barangays nationwide. It is composed of four copyrighted systems namely, eTREAS, eBMS, eBGPMS and BDP-(Barangay Comprehensive Website).

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eBMSlite: (electronic- barangay management system) is a data management tool that can be used by barangays as repository of important data that can serve as basis for analysis and decisions on planning and resource allocation for improved barangay services. TESTING
eTREAS : is an automated Accounting and Financial Cash flow that tracks inflows and outflows of cash, allowing the users to quickly and easily access information.soon...