Company Profile

The company started humbly as desktop system developer, web designer and soon expands in IT research and development through constant quest for innovations and development in all facets of administrative and financial transactions for accurate output necessary in corporate affairs.
The man behind the company, the founder, innovator and author of the e-Barangay Management System (e-BMS), an electronic system of administering and controlling Barangay transactions, such as barangay clearances, etc. now being adapted by some municipalities, is no other than Emmanuel “Jojo” N. de la Torre, now its Technical Director.
He conceptualized and started the business sometime in 2007 because of the demand for web designing. He had it registered with DTI, (Department of Trade and Industry) under DTI Certificate No. 00225972 and TRN No. 1673932, with its new address at #456 Binatagan, Ligao City, Albay, Philippines. And because he cannot deny offers from government sector, he had it registered with PHILGEPS to be able to take part in government bidding pursuant to the Procurement Act, apply membership at the Local Government Academy (LGA), membership in the Local Governance Regional Resource Center(LGRRC) – DILG Reg. V. and became affiliates of other government organizations of Region V.
Today, MindConcept Solutions have expanded the research and business solutions in more advanced and real time web development, database management system and other related IT solutions.

The DILG REG V in partnership with the MindConcept Solutions implemented the use of automated system such as eBGPMS, Performance Scoredcard, I-BIDA, eBMS, Online Barangay Demographic Profile, electronic Gender Based for Planning and Budgeting for barangays (eGAD) in order to assist barangays in its day to day operations, thus, facilitate service delivery and database administration…


• DTI Registered
• Municipal Business Permit Registered
• Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) -member
• PhilGEPS registered
• Local Government Academy (LGA) – member
• received commendation from: USEC. AUSTERE A. PANADERO, DILG National Office 
   re: eBGPMS implementaion in Region V

Local Partners:

• DILG Region V
• DBM Region V
• Liga ng mga Barangay – Region V

Efficiency of MindConcept Solutions Online Application:

• Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosted)
• 24/7 monitoring
• regular database backing-up
• on time customer support

Trainings Conducted:

• eBGPMS – Region V
• eBGPMS – Quezon Province
• eBMS – Region V | San Isidro, Leyte | Fairview, Q.C.
• Computer Literacy for the Barangays – Region V
• electronic Gender and Developmnet for Planning and Budgeting (eGAD)

 Contact Us:

Mobile No. 0906-5906419 | 0926-7543446
Email Address: |
Full Address: #456 Binatagan, Ligao City, Albay
Website: http:/

 eBGPMS page

 MindConcept Solutions Page




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